The Why

You’re visiting ColdCallingStrategies.com because you want more leads, and you’re willing to do what it takes to find them.

ColdCallingStrategies.com will teach you how to find 3-5 new leads every single day that you’re in business.

Right now, what would 5 new leads do for your business?

The Who

I’m not going to try to convince you that ColdCallingStrategies.com is the site for you. Instead, let me help you figure out if this site isn’t down your alley. ColdCallingStrategies.com isn’t for you if:

  • Finding 5 new leads every day doesn’t matter to you.
  • You’re not willing to put in a hard day’s grind.
  • You can’t round up at least 100 phone numbers of people who might like your solution.
  • You don’t like experimenting with new tactics.

If you said “yes” to any of the above criteria, then ColdCallingStrategies.com probably isn’t for you. Feel free to keep reading, if you’d like, but please know that while I’d love to help you build your business, if you do fit any of those criteria, I won’t be able to guarantee you diddly-squat.

On the other hand, if finding 5 new leads every day does matter to you and you’re willing to do what it takes to make it happen, then take a second to see whether The ColdCallingStrategies.com Method makes sense to you.

The ColdCallingStrategies.com Method

ColdCallingStrategies.com reminds you of a simple law that every start-up must understand to achieve consistent growth:

If you call enough people, some of them will say “yes”.

The goal of ColdCallingStrategies.com is to help you increase that “some” to “many”.

In your cold calling efforts, there are only two variables that dictate how successful you are:

  1. How many calls you make, and
  2. How often you turn calls into closes.

More calls and a higher close rate means more sales for your business. ColdCallingStrategies.com will help you do the latter. At ColdCallingStragegies.com, we’re all about phone skills to help you turn cold into closed.

Reliably, a strong cold caller will be able to make about 100 calls in a day and convert 3-5% of these calls into solid leads.

If you were to assemble a list of 100 potential customers, donors or investors, and as a result of your cold calling prowess, you were to succeed in closing 2 or 3 of them, how would that affect your business? Would you be willing to put in a hard day’s work to see that result?

If so, please join me on the grind.

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