Your Opener

If you blow your opening sentence, your call’s ruined.

The most important thing to remember about your opener is this:

Your opener is isn’t about you. It’s about your prospect.

How many cold calls have you heard just like this?

Caller: Hi! It’s John Smith with YouDon’tGiveACrapAboutMyCompany, LLC.  How are you today?
Prospect: Um, I’m okay. But I’m not interested in what you’re offering. Thanks anyways. *CLICK*

You might be surprised to learn that, at the start of your call, your organization is entirely irrelevant. In fact, worse than irrelevant, the moment that you reveal your organization, your prospect immediately draws up a mental list of reasons not to talk to you… even if they know absolutely nothing about what you do or why you’re calling.22384240042_8910edf2ee_o

Tell a prospect that you work for “Love All Humans, Inc.”, and the prospect will imagine all the things that Love All Humans could possibly sell that they would never buy.

As you craft your perfect intro, ask yourself: what is the quickest way to take the call’s focus off of you and put it on the prospect?

Try one of these lines:

  • Hey, it’s John Smith. It sounds like I reached you at a bad/okay/good time, didn’t I?
  • Hey, it’s Jane Doe. Do you think you could help me find the person who [does whatever role the prospect does]?
  • Hi, it’s Mary Sue. Would you be able to direct me to the person who’s in charge of [whatever benefit your product provides]?

See how these openers work for you. You’ll be shocked by how much people will talk to you once you take yourself out of the conversation.

Yours on the grind,


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