Case for a Quick Pitch

Many salespeople will tell you that the longer that you have a prospect on the phone, the better. I completely disagree.

Many salespeople think that keeping a prospect on the phone longer makes it more likely that the prospect will close. In truth, their logic is backwards.

Prospects who stay on the phone longer and do, in fact, close are the ones who would have bought Time-managementsooner if you had let them.

Prospects who stay on the phone longer and don’t close are the ones who might have bought if you had shown them that you respect their time.

With every call you make, stay focused on this simple goal:

Sell what you’re offering as quickly as possible to the people who need what you have.

Ultimately, your prospect is either going to buy your product, or she’s not. How much your prospect likes you isn’t going in the balance sheet. Sometimes, your prospects may sound like they’re looking to chat, but ultimately, don’t you think that they’d rather spend their time with family, friends and coworkers? Unless your prospect is really enjoying your conversation (it does happen from time to time), make your pitch quick and move on.

A quick pitch shows your prospects that you’re only giving them necessary information—important information. It shows them that you appreciate their small sacrifice of taking your call.

Put your ego away and save everyone some time. A quick sale is a good sale.

Yours on the grind,


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